Crystal Healing #1

Today I am going to begin writing about my healing sessions. Most are small where I wear a necklace and/or keep a bag of crystals with me. Some are more elaborate where I place them on my body as I do deep breathing. This is more rare due to privacy issues at home

Background: I have recently come off my ADHD medication for my tachycardia which wasn’t doing too much anyway. This term at university is winding down with final papers due in 8 days. I’ve had no time to read the numerous material for the three papers. I’ve been obsessive over a project I began two months ago causing me to make months of progress in three days. I had great plans for the latest NOD chapter for blog posts but haven’t had time.

Moral of this story: university, being a social activist, trying to do as much as possible for the three organizations I volunteer for, ADHD, chronic illness and family has left me feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stress and overstimulated

I am grateful that the spirits have been looking out for me despite my lack of devotions and falling behind on my studies. Crystals and herbs are a personal lifesaver for me

Today’s session:

Today is my usual session style: a necklace and a pouch full of crystals

Method: I use Judy Hall’s Crystal Prescriptions Volume 1 and The Crystal Bible Volume 1 in addition to Healing Crystals Metaphysical Guide and Crystals for Common Conditions as my resources. I browsed various conditions such as anxiety, overwhelm, oversensitive, ADD/ADHD and depression

Preparation: I cleanse all my crystals on selenite. There is no specific time range, just till I feel they are ready. I then hold the crystals with similar properties (all that are for anxiety) together touching all fingers on both hands. I close my eyes and slowly inhale and exhale three times, feeling their energy. I then as them “I am asking thing crystal to ….”. One more inhale and exhale and the preparation is done and they are ready to use

Chosen crystals: Howlite and amethyst are tried and true for me personally when it come to anxiety so they are a much use.

Howlite necklace- calming, anxiety

Sodalite- calming the mind

Lepidolite- obsessive thoughts

Orange Selenite/Selenite- calming

Sunstone- depression and feeling sad

Amethyst- calming, anxiety

The sodalite, lepidolite, orange selenite, selenite, sunstone and amethyst are all in a black pouch. I received this pouch with others as a gift. I personally like to use the black pouch as black symbolizes protection and banishing negativity, adding another healing property to the mix

The necklace will stay on all day and I will keep the pouch close to me as often as possible


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