Crystal Healing #2

Today’s healing is for university related issues. Illness of various kinds kept me in bed and tired for over a week and a half resulting in me doing no university work. All during the last week of classes! I’ve almost caught up with this week’s assignments, many being turned in late. Now I have 3-4 days to read all the materials (lots) for my three final papers including writing them. The papers are make it or break it for me getting As in my courses. So stress for sure!

I’ve set a lavender candle on my candle warmer and am enjoying a cup of Scottish breakfast tea as I write this. My crystals are currently cleansing on selenite

The crystals:

  1. howlite necklack and thumb stone- for reducing anxiety and staying calm 
  2. amethyst- for reducing anxiety and staying calm
  3. carnelian- for concentration 
  4. rainbow fluorite tower- aiding in processing information (there will be a lot for me to process!)
  5. red tiger’s eye- for motivation
  6. chrysocolla- for stress reduction 
  7. red jasper- for progression towards my goal of finishing these papers on time 
  8. selenite- to rid of negative energy 


What’s your favorite crystal(s) for fast approaching deadlines or stressful times?


                         The view for today

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