Accepting Diversity: The Struggle to Gain Knowledge When Transgender

Today’s post will be a little different. I want to talk about diversity, a integral part of druidry in my opinion. College in the United States is a financial burden to so many. As with other minority groups, transgender folx face challenges when paying for college.

In 2017 New America wrote an article about systematic barriers transgender folx face while applying for FAFSA. The form uses sex and gender as one in the same, excluding those whos gender isn’t uniform.

Asking one’s assigned sex at birth and not their current gender has the potential to out them as transgender. Loans have the potential to be held up if the lender is confused about the applicants gender.

A seemingly simple task as filling out paperwork can be confusing for transgender folx, leaving them to not do it at all. This means they miss out on aid.

Transitioning medically can cost a lot of money. In my opinion, this is a massive barrier. Some transgender students may have to choose between transitioning or getting an education.

I personally feel there are a lot of social barriers for transgender people in approaching college. Deep research must be done that they are going to a school that is LGBTQ+ positive or they could risk their safety. Understanding how to change your name in use, get everyone to use your pronouns and respect who you are is daunting. The fact that you may need to come out every single term to professors and students is exhausting. Many universities lack pride clubs, health access specifically for transgender people and housing accommodations that match the person’s gender.

As with other minority communities, transgender people may be scared to approach college thinking there will be no one else transgender there. Gendered bathrooms on campus are a huge hurdle for transgender folx as single use toilets are rare. Before a transgender person can even think about what they want to study they must jump through hoops of confusing paperwork, coming out to their university, figuring out housing, how to use the bathroom and if they will be alone on campus.

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