Accepting Diversity: The Struggle to Gain Knowledge When Transgender

Today’s post will be a little different. I want to talk about diversity, a integral part of druidry in my opinion. College in the United States is a financial burden to so many. As with other minority groups, transgender folx face challenges when paying for college.

In 2017 New America wrote an article about systematic barriers transgender folx face while applying for FAFSA. The form uses sex and gender as one in the same, excluding those whos gender isn’t uniform.

Asking one’s assigned sex at birth and not their current gender has the potential to out them as transgender. Loans have the potential to be held up if the lender is confused about the applicants gender.

A seemingly simple task as filling out paperwork can be confusing for transgender folx, leaving them to not do it at all. This means they miss out on aid.

Transitioning medically can cost a lot of money. In my opinion, this is a massive barrier. Some transgender students may have to choose between transitioning or getting an education.

I personally feel there are a lot of social barriers for transgender people in approaching college. Deep research must be done that they are going to a school that is LGBTQ+ positive or they could risk their safety. Understanding how to change your name in use, get everyone to use your pronouns and respect who you are is daunting. The fact that you may need to come out every single term to professors and students is exhausting. Many universities lack pride clubs, health access specifically for transgender people and housing accommodations that match the person’s gender.

As with other minority communities, transgender people may be scared to approach college thinking there will be no one else transgender there. Gendered bathrooms on campus are a huge hurdle for transgender folx as single use toilets are rare. Before a transgender person can even think about what they want to study they must jump through hoops of confusing paperwork, coming out to their university, figuring out housing, how to use the bathroom and if they will be alone on campus.

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Crystal Healing #2

Today’s healing is for university related issues. Illness of various kinds kept me in bed and tired for over a week and a half resulting in me doing no university work. All during the last week of classes! I’ve almost caught up with this week’s assignments, many being turned in late. Now I have 3-4 days to read all the materials (lots) for my three final papers including writing them. The papers are make it or break it for me getting As in my courses. So stress for sure!

I’ve set a lavender candle on my candle warmer and am enjoying a cup of Scottish breakfast tea as I write this. My crystals are currently cleansing on selenite

The crystals:

  1. howlite necklack and thumb stone- for reducing anxiety and staying calm 
  2. amethyst- for reducing anxiety and staying calm
  3. carnelian- for concentration 
  4. rainbow fluorite tower- aiding in processing information (there will be a lot for me to process!)
  5. red tiger’s eye- for motivation
  6. chrysocolla- for stress reduction 
  7. red jasper- for progression towards my goal of finishing these papers on time 
  8. selenite- to rid of negative energy 


What’s your favorite crystal(s) for fast approaching deadlines or stressful times?


                         The view for today

Crystal Healing #1

Today I am going to begin writing about my healing sessions. Most are small where I wear a necklace and/or keep a bag of crystals with me. Some are more elaborate where I place them on my body as I do deep breathing. This is more rare due to privacy issues at home

Background: I have recently come off my ADHD medication for my tachycardia which wasn’t doing too much anyway. This term at university is winding down with final papers due in 8 days. I’ve had no time to read the numerous material for the three papers. I’ve been obsessive over a project I began two months ago causing me to make months of progress in three days. I had great plans for the latest NOD chapter for blog posts but haven’t had time.

Moral of this story: university, being a social activist, trying to do as much as possible for the three organizations I volunteer for, ADHD, chronic illness and family has left me feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stress and overstimulated

I am grateful that the spirits have been looking out for me despite my lack of devotions and falling behind on my studies. Crystals and herbs are a personal lifesaver for me

Today’s session:

Today is my usual session style: a necklace and a pouch full of crystals

Method: I use Judy Hall’s Crystal Prescriptions Volume 1 and The Crystal Bible Volume 1 in addition to Healing Crystals Metaphysical Guide and Crystals for Common Conditions as my resources. I browsed various conditions such as anxiety, overwhelm, oversensitive, ADD/ADHD and depression

Preparation: I cleanse all my crystals on selenite. There is no specific time range, just till I feel they are ready. I then hold the crystals with similar properties (all that are for anxiety) together touching all fingers on both hands. I close my eyes and slowly inhale and exhale three times, feeling their energy. I then as them “I am asking thing crystal to ….”. One more inhale and exhale and the preparation is done and they are ready to use

Chosen crystals: Howlite and amethyst are tried and true for me personally when it come to anxiety so they are a much use.

Howlite necklace- calming, anxiety

Sodalite- calming the mind

Lepidolite- obsessive thoughts

Orange Selenite/Selenite- calming

Sunstone- depression and feeling sad

Amethyst- calming, anxiety

The sodalite, lepidolite, orange selenite, selenite, sunstone and amethyst are all in a black pouch. I received this pouch with others as a gift. I personally like to use the black pouch as black symbolizes protection and banishing negativity, adding another healing property to the mix

The necklace will stay on all day and I will keep the pouch close to me as often as possible


Weaving the Soul

The following information comes from chapter seven of the New Order of Druids Ovate course. My notes follow under the quotes.

This is true in Ireland, where the island itself is seen as a goddess, often referred to as the triple goddess Eiru, Banba and Fotla, from which its name in the Irish language, Éire, is derived

I’ve always been drawn to Ireland. Since I was young I’ve wanted to visit the island and have only fallen more in love with it’s landscapes over the last year. The Irish language has strong connections to words expressing the importance of nature. This is why I pursue learning the language so I may have words to express my connections and gratefulness for nature

The Earth Mother’s “flowing energy” rests in the idea of earth spirits … It describes these moments and places and myths and beings in which divine presence makes itself felt

Earth spirits are who I personally view as the divine. They infuse every aspect of the natural world. When I am standing in nature, touching a tree, picking up a stone, a feeling rushes through me, one I cannot verbally explain. This, to me, is the flowing energy. It is the earth spirits allowing me to feel their presence

Bradán, an Irish word which means salmon … salmon is a fish of wisdom

It can also mean the life principle or energy of a person … Life principle, in my understanding, is what a person draws their essential substance from, which enlivens them and gives them purpose and meaning to their life

These two meanings of the word suggest to us that the most appropriate place to draw our substance is from wisdom

Wisdom and knowledge are recurring themes one will see in druidry. For myself, both concepts are personally important. My own wisdom comes from my life experiences and acquired knowledge. Through this I have grown into the person I am today and it has made me realize my purpose and gift in this world: to help all of nature, human and nature alike

This dedication to an engagement in the world, the betterment of it, is the mark of an engaged spirituality

Spirituality, especially druidry, in my opinion, is not learned through endless reading of internet resources and Order content. It is learned, felt and practiced through engaging with the beliefs of one’s spirituality. In druidry this could be planting a garden of native plants, learning Irish, Welsh, etc, volunteer work, becoming a teacher of any kind, healing others with herbs…the list is endless


We must be willing to enter into ourselves, and work for our own transformation, before we can ever work for the transformation of the world

Our own growth and development, is to work towards the growth and development of the world

In the first excerpt I believe “ever” is too strong of a word. However, the classic saying “you can’t help others until you help yourself” is at play. Druidry is not only about helping the world. You are apart of this world and to heal and aid this world you must heal and aid yourself. This does not mean you cannot help the world along the way. Helping the world can aid you and vice versa


Disclaimer: most words in this text are directly from the sources. In various places I use my own words or rephrase the text from the sources. I do not claim intellectual property of these ideas


New Order of Druids Ovate Course by Jason Kirkey (2016) – 

New Order of Druids Website –

Divination 11/16/2020

I began today’s divination with a pendulum reading. I use a ruby in fuchsite pendulum as it enhances connection to the spiritual realm.

Today’s questions revolved around university

  1. Should I focus on the anthropology and public policy majors without the queer studies minor: yes
  2. Should I read about issues of interest for background knowledge instead of taking courses on them: yes
  3. Should I take 12 credits this winter term: yes
  4. Should I take 15 credits this winter term: no
  5. Are the spirits open to an ogham reading right now: yes


My ogham reading also centered around university as course registration for next term in this week

Question: What do I need to let go of from this term? Few: Gort (Ivy)

Answer: Restricting myself to one plan and not allowing change


Question: What do I need to focus on for next term? Few: Fearn (Alder)

Answer: Be practical and set a good foundation for achieving my goals. Take advice from others

Truth and Sovereignty

The following information comes from chapter six of the New Order of Druids Ovate course. My notes follow under the quotes.

Truth is about the fundamental unity and balance of all things within a greater whole. When we live our lives in Truth, we are living our lives in harmony with the world and with our soul

Truth here does not mean honesty or fact. Balance and unity are themes you will see recurring in druidry. Truth is gaining that balance and connection between ourselves and the world and ourselves and our soul

Each person in Celtic society was the hero, but also the king, of their own life

Modern times have caused us to look outward for a savior. No one knows your needs like you and connecting with your soul and the wider world can lead you on your journey to being your own hero

He [she/they/etc] must be without fear, without jealousy and without stinginess

Fearlessness has more to do with a willingness to go into what we fear

Sometimes living our Truth requires us to sacrifice something, to go to a frightening places in our psyche and in the world

Fearlessness is always seen as being without fear but fear is a normal human emotion. This concept has to do with whether you let your fears consume you or face them head on and challenge them

It also means turning our backs on those things, places and people with which we have harmful relationships with for whatever reason cannot be healed at that time

To live in Truth is to live in harmony with your soul. To be your own hero and grow spiritually and as a person. Leaving the known behind can be hard but we must face our fears so that we can give to ourselves and this world what is needed

The way of the warrior is not so much about not feeling particular things, but seeing them for what they are, and slowly and gently, to move ourselves in a direction that is more in line with the longings of the soul than the desires of the ego

A common theme you see in this chapter and in druidry is accepting and consciousnessly paying attention to feelings. To ignore these feelings is to ignore the soul. Feelings are powerful and do not need to be felt all at once. A slow journey is better than no journey at all

To be without stinginess is to be generous 

Another common theme in druidry is giving. Those on the path may give in various ways and monetary generosity is not needed.  Volunteer work, a divination reading, a healing session, a shoulder to cry on, a free lesson on a subject, giving a meal to the homeless are all examples of ways to be generous. Being generous with your soul and heart is more important, in my opinion, than being generous with your wallet


Disclaimer: most words in this text are directly from the sources. In various places I use my own words or rephrase the text from the sources. I do not claim intellectual property of these ideas


New Order of Druids Ovate Course by Jason Kirkey (2016) – 

New Order of Druids Website –

Introduction to Druidry

Druidry looks to allow one to be fully creative, commune deeply with nature and gain access to profound wisdom.

There are three grades: bard, ovate and druid

  • Bard- our creative side. Singing, writing, storytelling, etc
  • Ovate- lover of nature, the healer and the diviner
  • Druid- seeker of wisdom, the sage, the teacher

What druidry can bring to the modern world

  1. philosophy that emphasizes the sacredness of all life
  2. puts us back in touch with nature
  3. promotes healing
  4. affirms our life as a Journey
  5. open us up to other realities
  6. develops our potential
  7. opens us up to magic

Druidry beliefs

These are common beliefs among practitioners of druidry but you do not need to believe in them all to practice druidry

  1. theology – one may be an animist, pantheist, polytheist, monotheist or duotheist. Some may feel that there is no conception of a deity. All see nature as divine or sacred
  2. the Otherworld – the world we see is not the only one that exists. This is a realm(s) which exists beyond the reach of the physical sense but is still real. The place we travel to when we die but can also be visited during life via dreams, meditation, hypnosis, journeying or in a trance.
  3. death and rebirth – the soul undergoes reincarnations but not always in human form

Three goals of druidry

  1. wisdom
  2. creativity
  3. love

Druid values

  1. relationships – experience them
  2. responsibility – taking responsibility for your actions
  3. self-knowledge – know yourself inside and out without deception
  4. trust – trust in yourself, others and the world
  5. integrity – being complete and undivided, adhering to moral principles and standards
  6. courage – ready to accept danger, suffering or hardship to attempt to change the world
  7. environmental awareness – understanding nature’s consciousness and energy
  8. generosity – giving to yourself, others and nature
  9. friendship – making meaningful connections with others
  10. honor – engage with courage in honest, with generosity and responsibility and with respect that comes of loyalty
  11. a worthwhile life – responding to life’s events in a positive or optimistic way

* there is no universal doctrine in druidry

Disclaimer: most words in this text are directly from the sources. In various places I use my own words or rephrase the text from the sources. I do not claim intellectual property of these ideas



Thank you for checking out this blog! A majority of the posts will be direct texts and quotes from druid resources. These will be short entries that allow you to read the main ideas from these resources. My goal is for those who have little time, ADHD, learning disabilities, etc to be able to engage with druidry without struggling through long readings and articles. All sources will be cited so you can check them out for yourself later.

I personally focus on Irish druidry so most of the content will derive from that or general druidry. There will also be posts of my own content such as summaries of my high day celebrations. If you’d like me to post on a specific topic let me know in the contact section.