Crystal Healing #2

Today’s healing is for university related issues. Illness of various kinds kept me in bed and tired for over a week and a half resulting in me doing no university work. All during the last week of classes! I’ve almost caught up with this week’s assignments, many being turned in late. Now I have 3-4 days to read all the materials (lots) for my three final papers including writing them. The papers are make it or break it for me getting As in my courses. So stress for sure!

I’ve set a lavender candle on my candle warmer and am enjoying a cup of Scottish breakfast tea as I write this. My crystals are currently cleansing on selenite

The crystals:

  1. howlite necklack and thumb stone- for reducing anxiety and staying calm 
  2. amethyst- for reducing anxiety and staying calm
  3. carnelian- for concentration 
  4. rainbow fluorite tower- aiding in processing information (there will be a lot for me to process!)
  5. red tiger’s eye- for motivation
  6. chrysocolla- for stress reduction 
  7. red jasper- for progression towards my goal of finishing these papers on time 
  8. selenite- to rid of negative energy 


What’s your favorite crystal(s) for fast approaching deadlines or stressful times?


                         The view for today

Crystal Healing #1

Today I am going to begin writing about my healing sessions. Most are small where I wear a necklace and/or keep a bag of crystals with me. Some are more elaborate where I place them on my body as I do deep breathing. This is more rare due to privacy issues at home

Background: I have recently come off my ADHD medication for my tachycardia which wasn’t doing too much anyway. This term at university is winding down with final papers due in 8 days. I’ve had no time to read the numerous material for the three papers. I’ve been obsessive over a project I began two months ago causing me to make months of progress in three days. I had great plans for the latest NOD chapter for blog posts but haven’t had time.

Moral of this story: university, being a social activist, trying to do as much as possible for the three organizations I volunteer for, ADHD, chronic illness and family has left me feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stress and overstimulated

I am grateful that the spirits have been looking out for me despite my lack of devotions and falling behind on my studies. Crystals and herbs are a personal lifesaver for me

Today’s session:

Today is my usual session style: a necklace and a pouch full of crystals

Method: I use Judy Hall’s Crystal Prescriptions Volume 1 and The Crystal Bible Volume 1 in addition to Healing Crystals Metaphysical Guide and Crystals for Common Conditions as my resources. I browsed various conditions such as anxiety, overwhelm, oversensitive, ADD/ADHD and depression

Preparation: I cleanse all my crystals on selenite. There is no specific time range, just till I feel they are ready. I then hold the crystals with similar properties (all that are for anxiety) together touching all fingers on both hands. I close my eyes and slowly inhale and exhale three times, feeling their energy. I then as them “I am asking thing crystal to ….”. One more inhale and exhale and the preparation is done and they are ready to use

Chosen crystals: Howlite and amethyst are tried and true for me personally when it come to anxiety so they are a much use.

Howlite necklace- calming, anxiety

Sodalite- calming the mind

Lepidolite- obsessive thoughts

Orange Selenite/Selenite- calming

Sunstone- depression and feeling sad

Amethyst- calming, anxiety

The sodalite, lepidolite, orange selenite, selenite, sunstone and amethyst are all in a black pouch. I received this pouch with others as a gift. I personally like to use the black pouch as black symbolizes protection and banishing negativity, adding another healing property to the mix

The necklace will stay on all day and I will keep the pouch close to me as often as possible