Divination 11/16/2020

I began today’s divination with a pendulum reading. I use a ruby in fuchsite pendulum as it enhances connection to the spiritual realm.

Today’s questions revolved around university

  1. Should I focus on the anthropology and public policy majors without the queer studies minor: yes
  2. Should I read about issues of interest for background knowledge instead of taking courses on them: yes
  3. Should I take 12 credits this winter term: yes
  4. Should I take 15 credits this winter term: no
  5. Are the spirits open to an ogham reading right now: yes


My ogham reading also centered around university as course registration for next term in this week

Question: What do I need to let go of from this term? Few: Gort (Ivy)

Answer: Restricting myself to one plan and not allowing change


Question: What do I need to focus on for next term? Few: Fearn (Alder)

Answer: Be practical and set a good foundation for achieving my goals. Take advice from others